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Good Advice for Taking Pictures - Page 1 | Page 2
  Taking pictures is a lot of fun, but always remember to be safe. That means:      
If you’re taking photos in busy places, remember that although it is very unlikely, pick-pockets and thieves do operate in most towns around the world, and a shiny new camera or a distracted photographer may be a good target.
If you’re going out at night, or to remote parts, always take a phone with you and make sure someone knows where you’re going – just in case the car breaks down, or you lose your bus ticket and wind-up spending the night in a soggy field.
Don’t worry about taking pictures but remember your personal safety and respect other people’s wishes if they don’t want you to photograph them. You should really ask any aliens or UFO-owners too if possible, but they are harder to communicate with unless you speak Zeta Reticuliian. Have fun!
If you’re photographing in a public place like a restaurant or a pub, make sure you’ve got permission from the manager. And ask any members of the public that may get into shot if they mind you taking pictures with them in the background.

If you’re photographing outside, make sure you’re watching out for hazards like traffic, cyclists, windows, holes in the road or steep drops – it’s easy to be looking through a lens at a great shot and forget you’re standing next to a busy road, or by an open window.
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