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Using Your MSN Space - Uploading a Picture - Page 1 | Page 2

Go to http://www.msn.co.uk/spaces and set up your site. Using MSN Spaces is easy, all you’ve got to do is look for the links that describe the action you want to perform. Always remember that there are two modes – preview mode and edit mode – when you sign-in to your space you’re automatically in edit mode. Also, there’s online help on the right hand side of your space which is useful – but here’s the quick version…

  Once you're all set-up, go to your MSN Space and click "create" under the photo album menu…<show pic>  
  The "photos" screen will open – select "Add Photos" <show pic>  
  A screen will pop-up prompting you to install the MSN Photo Upload ActiveX control – you need this, so click the big blue button <show pic>  
  Your PC will appear in a windows explorer style – find your UFO picture using the file navigation, select it, and click the top right link "upload now" <show pic> A file transfer window will appear showing your progress. The window will auto close itself.  
  Now you'll see your UFO image in the "Add photos" preview window. Give the album a title like "MY MSN SPACE RACE GALLERY" then click “save and close" <show pic>  
  You'll now return to the home page (in edit mode). Click “Preview My Space” top right to see the finished photo gallery as the rest of the world will see it. <show pic>  
    Remember , this is just the start – you can create as many galleries as you like, and show as many pics as you want – happy posting! ...Page 2  

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