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The Rules  
  Get an MSN Space  
  Get an MSN Hotmail Account  
  Sign-up for the competition using this website  
  Take a picture of an alien, or a UFO  
  Publish it to your MSN Space  
  Write an entry on your MSN Space titled "Wow! I saw a UFO" or "Wow I saw an alien"  
  Await contact from our top-secret judges to alert you if you have won one of our 212 fab prizes!  
  BONUS! If you want to win the star prize, click here for further instructions  
  Entry is Easy  
  1. You'll need an MSN Space, which is a free service giving you your own personal website. MSN Spaces are packed with great features and is an easy way to publish your thoughts, share pictures with friends and family, list your top ten mp3's, birthday wish lists, movies - whatever you want. make a little space for yourself on the web - it's a great way to keep people posted if you're travelling away from home, plus it's accessible anywhere and as private and secure as you want it to be.  

2. Secondly, you'll need an MSN Hotmail address. MSN Hotmail is the most popular free webmail in the world, and gives you a huge 250Mb inbox, handles big attachments (up to 20Mb), has intelligent Smart Screen Junkmail filters, built-in McAfee virus protection, and integrates with your MSN homepage, MSN Messenger, and your MSN Space.


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